Thursday, July 14, 2011

Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers

I recently came across an article entitled, "CMU RSO Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers looks to promote passion" posted in the Central Michigan Life campus paper from November 18, 2009.
The article discusses how smoking a pipe is a way to experience the relaxation and collegiate fellowship with other students. Currently I am a Ph.D. student at Capella University and I invite other college students within the Northern Virginia area to contact me in order to start our own Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers. Below is the article in its entirety:

CMU RSO Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers looks to promote passion
By Luke Dimick || November 18, 2009

Smoking tobacco from a pipe is not just a way to get a nicotine fix for Andrew Miller and 13 other students.
It is a way to experience the relaxation and fellowship associated with pipe smoking.
The Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers is a registered student organization that enjoys the activity and culture of pipe smoking and tobacco. Its purpose is to educate people about pipe smoking and pipe culture and provide a place for pipe smokers to come together and socialize.

Miller, a Utica junior, formed the RSO in mid-September aiming to meet other college students that share his passion for pipe smoking.
“One of our goals written out in our constitution is that we want to give people a positive view of smoking and show that there are good people who choose to smoke,” he said. “There are a lot of people that already have a negative view on smoking.”
One of the greatest challenges that pipe smokers face as a group are the misconceptions that surround the art of pipe smoking, he said.
“For many people, if they were to see someone smoking a pipe, it is very common to assume that it’s (marijuana) or something of that nature,” Miller said. “It’s really tough to have a good first impression on people when they are willing to automatically assume something negative of you.”
Other than just enjoying the fellowship of smoking pipe tobacco, the group also partakes in community services and events.
“Right now, we’re looking at doing some dog walking for the Humane Society,” Miller said.
The group recently competed at a pipe smoking competition at the Shepherd Bar and Grill in Shepherd, where Redford senior Andrew Petrevics placed eight.
“Everyone got 3.3 grams of pre-weighed standard pipe tobacco and a total of two matches,” Petrevics said. “We had to light our pipes within one minute and we weren’t allowed to relight after that. Whoever could produce smoke for the longest time was the winner.”
Cedar junior Fred Lawerence has been pipe smoking for three years and could not pass up the opportunity to join the RSO. He said he enjoys all aspects of smoking pipe tobacco.
“For one, it tastes and smells really good,” Lawerence said. “I think the pipes are really cool, and it’s just nice to sit around and smoke pipes with your friends. It invokes conversation and it’s just really nice and relaxing.”
Source: CMU RSO Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers looks to promote passion